Max Apps per Account10
Max Members per App20
Max Managed Wallets per App2
Max Non-Managed Wallets (DIY) per AppUnlimited
Max Triggers AppUnlimited
Max Price TicketsUnlimited
Max Webhooks AppUnlimited
Max Credit Card ChargeVaries depending on company

How do I test in a development environment?

Just go to and create an App. You can use our toggle option to seamlessly deploy your testnet implementation to mainnet.

Where can I set my marketplace fee?

You can set your marketplace fee when creating your App at NoRamp. If you want to edit it, go to Settings.

How can I recover my private key of the wallet created for me by NoRamp?

You can use this recovery link, sign into your account and you’ll be able to see your private key.

Can NoRamp be a white label solution?

NoRamp is a brand-friendly solution. Our technology can be white labeled. Email to discuss specifics.

Does NoRamp provide support to offshore countries/outlying territories?

Currently, NoRamp does not provide support in these types of scenarios.