NoRamp Docs


What is NoRamp?

NoRamp is a data transmission service for merchants of digital assets. We help merchants accept fiat payments from their buyers directly, off-chain, and communicate data on-chain to trigger a transfer of digital assets to their buyer’s destination wallet.

Why Use NoRamp?

NoRamp is the first and only solution enabling on-chain decentralized digital asset transfer via direct peer-to-peer fiat payment. And, unlike other payment solutions out there, sellers can choose us without an underlying marketplace integration. We offer more control, lower fees and a better user experience.

No Buyer KYC for Collectible NFTs

Fiat transactions occur directly between buyer and seller. Unlike other solutions today... crypto is never touched.

Instant Execution

Off-chain payment confirmation triggers NFT transfer immediately. No need to source centralized crypto liquidity.

Lowest Possible Fees

Direct fiat payment circumvents the typical multi-step on-chain swapping process that charges spreads and high network fees to buyers.
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