Easy self-serve setup

NoRamp is designed to be integrated on a self-serve basis within a day. You will have access to our testnet with no limitations. Once you feel comfortable you can request approval for our Mainnet.

Developer experience

Your experience is our number one priority. You will find code examples in this documentation. If you have any questions as you review the documentation, please reach out to hello@noramp.io or schedule a call here with us.

Serve buyers globally

NoRamp partners with Stripe to deliver instantaneous access to almost 200 countries globally and even more fiat currencies. With cross-border payouts, the buyer can pay in AUD, you can pay NoRamp its fees in USD, and you can be paid in COP, all in the same step. When you sign up for a NoRamp account, you’re receiving the benefits of Stripe’s world-class KYC and fraud prevention in tandem with NoRamp’s innovation.


The NoRamp service requires the use of a delegated seller wallet. This wallet is the one responsibile for minting and transferring the digital asset to the buyer. The wallet is also responsible for paying the blockchain fees.


Triggers refer to the circumstances under which an off-chain payment causes an on-chain digital asset transfer - this describes the calls that should be made to the smart contract on the achievement of payment.

You can setup any on-chain action trigger by passing in any smart contract function, name, or argument.


Use our webhooks to receive changes in your application from actions happening on NoRamp.

Real-time activity tracker

NoRamp enables merchants/marketplaces to track, in real-time, the success and failure of their transactions, just like in an exclusively blockchain-native environment. Unlike an exclusively blockchain-native environment, it is optional whether the purchase prices associated with asset transfers on the blockchain are made public. Choose your own privacy level with NoRamp.