NoRamp Docs

Individual Seller Guide - Dynamic Pricing

A Guide to setting up NoRamp for a Dynamically Priced NFT sale, marketplaces, etc.

Step 1: Create a new NoRamp app

Go to NoRamp’s App Dashboard Sign up or Log In

Step 2: Seller KYC and Payout Setup

Next, you will want to Verify KYC in order to begin receiving payments.

Step 3: Add a new Wallet

In order to trigger transactions to transfer and mint NFTs you first need to add a wallet to NoRamp

Step 4: Create a new Trigger

Now we need to set up our Trigger that NoRamp will run to transfer/mint the NFT once the credit card payment is successful.

Step 5: Create a Price

Step 6: Implement the NoRamp 1-Click Credit Card Widget into your app