Setup Dashboard

How it works

NoRamp is super easy to implement and completely self-serve. We have multiple environments to help you test your implementation and to deploy to production.

Testnet (opens in a new tab)
Mainnet (opens in a new tab)

If you need any technical support you can schedule a call here with our team (opens in a new tab) or send an email to

How it works

  1. Create an account on NoRamp and setup a Wallet, Trigger, and Price
  2. Add the NoRamp widget to your site
  3. Buyer pays using the Credit Card
  4. Trigger action is run to mint or transfer the NFT
  5. Funds are automatically distributed to your bank account


App IDCopy your App ID from the top right corner on the Dashboard
Trigger IDCopy your Trigger ID from the Triggers Section
Trigger ParametersParameters that are used to call your Trigger actions like the receiver wallet address
API KeyCopy your API KEY from the bottom of the Dashboard sidebar
AmountTotal amount to charge to the buyer in your preferred currency
Seller KYC IDThe ID of the KYC'd Seller accounts, only required for Marketplace Apps.


NoRamp has 3 different widgets available for desktop and mobile including dark and light themes.